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Although they are quickly becoming anomalies through urban spread and development, it is in these rural areas that ancient customs are still practiced day-to-day where locals prepare food much like their ancestors did, and traditions have yet to be replaced by modern convenience.

Well known for their Italian restaurants, D'Amico & Partner's passion for food extends to all cultures. A food pilgrimage to a Mexican restaurant in East Los Angeles, home to some of the most authentic Mexican fare found in the country, set off a year-long quest of research and immersion to discover the secrets of the cuisine. It was through reading stacks of books, making multiple trips to the Mexican cities of Oaxaca, Baja and Mexico City, and then to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and applying the native knowledge of Head Chef Saul Chavez that the concept for Masa slowly emerged. Wanting to share their profound respect of the food and recognizing the potential to educate consumers about the rich cultures of Mexico, Masa is a contemporary homage to the tradition of Mexican cuisine. After months of development and inspiration drawn from the successful food programs of other celebrated contemporary Mexican restaurants, especially Aguila Y Sol, Izote, Refugio de Fonda, and Casa Oaxaca in Mexico, and Salpicon and Frontera Grill in Chicago, Executive Chef, Jay Sparks, Head Chef, Saul Chavez, have created a menu of cosmopolitan food with regional authenticity.

As rich and enticing as the menu is, D'Amico & Partner's painstaking attention to detail and commitment to offering exciting dining experiences is not lost on the restaurant interior. Featuring the rich colors and textures of Mexico and presented with metropolitan sophistication, the atmosphere is cool enough to appeal to the discriminating tastes of a downtown clientele. Masa is an exciting addition to D'Amico & Partner's highly celebrated repertoire.

After months of anticipation, D'Amico & Partner's is proud to share their version of contemporary Mexican cuisine. It is located in the Target Plaza in downtown Minneapolis.

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